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      After a successful purchase of real estate in Greece, it does not matter for what price, and if the owner does not live all year in the country, as a rule, difficulties and questions arise in maintaining the house in good condition during the absence of the owner. Questions can be of both technical and domestic nature, for example, payment of bills for electricity, water, telephone.
       With the support of our engineering partners, we provide a wide range of services to improve the condition of your property, repair, interior and landscape design, using modern technologies, eco-materials and methods, at affordable prices.


    Our partners - engineers and architects accept orders for the assessment of the cost and services for the management, reconstruction, care and care of your residence during your absence from Greece.
      Your house (apartment) can bring you income through rent, thereby recouping your annual expenses for its maintenance.
      Compliance with absolute legality and transparency in the execution of contracts and accounting is guaranteed for any construction, repair or rental project.